Belly Blast Journey ( Action plan for health and fitness)

If your gonna do this your gonna really do this!

Are you in a weight loss wonderland of your own? Mine started many years ago. Its been over ten years of what i call food substance abuse, and ive got the baggage to proove it. Thats right folks. The stomach. From slim and chic drop dead gorgeous to triple my weight, nearly dropping dead, join me as we join forces to get proactive and execute our health and fitness goals for 2022. Thats Right! There are those of you who want to mkich ass, i want to kick stomach! Bring on the Vegetables,delicious fruits, and ofcourse an invite to the smoothies and more exercise. Thats right. Bring on your favourite workout brand mine is these lovelies who sell some incredibly sexy fitness gear to really make sure you dont just look great, your fit, your flexin and your fantastic! Click on the link here for some of their dynamite wardrobe wears. Ive arranged some pictures below. After all like i always say, “If you’re gonna do this. Then your gonna really do this.”

Diet disasters who hasnt had one. Where theres trial there is error. From awful salads that make you want to choke on your own vom, to soups that have you wondering…hold on is this actually vom, and then theres the actual workouts themselves.

Where we find ourselves dying on treadmills, and wanting to hoover the contents of our fridge because we saw a supermodel in an outfit that we said damn ” I would look great in that” so for 2 days straight had 2 pods of rice. Now were feeling it. Now were feeling the burn. That hunger, Where your not actually hungry but your starving, and it may not even be the food. Are you even tasting the food.

Well ive got some input for our new adventure Belly Blast series. Our journal of Mental health and physical healing, for the next 1 year, we will document our progress here, share our sacrifices and our success and our failure. 1 whole year of brown rice or no rice. No sugar, just honey, or sweetners, 8 cups of water everyday, an hour of workout.

Twice a day. A walk in the mornings, followed by bike riding, if you have a bike or some other activity. But 2 hours of physical activity. Every single day. We will talk through some of my salad recipes, as we attempt to construct new and worthy salad dishes and healthy soups, do minimum 50 to 100 abb crunches a day.

And review a workout video and showcase one of the deliciousitems in my health fitness catalogue. Join me for this 1 year free accelerator group forum, share your stories, post in the comments, message and discuss.

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