Fed up with shopping in the plus sized section? Wanna get your sexy back?

Does the concept of weight loss seem almost overwhelming. Do you look in the mirror and at times feel like crying, are you tugging your hair because your so frustrated. We get it. I am in transition, and I know many of us are. Your in a place in your life where you wanna look good feel great have some suitors calling, or maybe you want to settle down, find a partner, nest, build a hub, and as I call it do ‘snugglebunnies.’ well I know that feeling where you feel as though your weight is getting in the way of your confidence. Your finding it hard to get close to people or let them get close to you because you feel insecure about your body, and this is making you feel depressed. You may not feel attractive enough to go out to certain places with your partner, you may feel like your always being compared to all the other dainty delights out there, women who can just wash and go, yet you are dealing with this weight dealing with this baggage. Where did the weight come from? Was it poor eating habbits, a bad diet of fast food, was it emotional challenges like bullying, trauma, a death, a divorce, a loss of a close relationship, or a routine interrupted, like loosing your job. Maybe you developed a health condition. No matter the story we have some tricks that can help you and some amazing products that can make a difference when you stay consistence.

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Water, stay hydrated throughout the day, I started to realise I wasn’t hungry I was thirsty. Drink 6 cups of water a day if your not a fan of water try a healthy squash.


Eat lots of salad and fruits they will fill you up and boost your energy. Turn eating salads into your healthy habbit. Why because not only are prawn salads delicious, and there are rocket salads, and also soups that you can have, but it’s a matter of changing lifestyle and committing to new habbits.


The mind needs to be tricked into not feeling that it’s under threat. Why your past attempts have failed before is because the mind hates new challenges, things like discipline, order, so you have to trick it. You have to do things in little ways and feed positive affirmations about your diet, and your weight loss regiment. Get excited about what your going to cook today. Cooking is very healing, cooking is very creative, enjoy the process of being in the driving seat and choosing what nutrients go into your body. Vegetables like carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, cucumbers, add fun things like chickpeas ,sweet corn. If you want you can grill some salmon. Salmon seasoned with some onions and some magi or oxo cubes goes down a treat. Delicious, and divine. https://nskn.co/tgARkq

Now for the fitness routine, what do you plan, your boogie walk , or when your on your exercise bike , on the step ladder, and doing your kickboxing what’s your vibe? What music will get you in the groove, what will inspire you to get those hips shaking, have that sweat rolling off your limbs. Is it some Shakira , Beyonce’s 7/11, Jay z , turn that room into your dance floor, or put your earphones in and loose yourself in the magic of the music. Visualise your bikini body, don’t feel threatened to look at some of the hotties around you and say I wanna look like that, to go on Amazon, and start picking out your saucy slimkini, with the gold belly chain. Have some fun. Enjoy the process, and to speed up your transformation try our amazing products which boost metabolism, and fill you up with key nutrients from our body spa brand. https://nskn.co/tgARkq

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