How to turn his head in 60 seconds?

Your office crush has spotted you in the local supermarket, maybe in a retail chain, the shopping mall, or at the Park. Frustrated from the longing looks, the flicking of the hair, the extra white toothpaste for the beaming smile, you want him to see you looking……fabulous…extraordinary and…….mindblowing

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Why not turn his head with these titilating looks. Emphasize those delightful curves, When your out doingyour daily disciplines, you need to work that champagne shift, showcase those curves, celebrate the extension of a long neck, the athleticism of a body training to keep fit and fab.

You are not just a beauty, you are a brand. A stunner in the making, a woman who is both asset and assertive.

Be comfortable in what your wearing so you can smile with ease, showcase that beaming smile. The elasticity of those extended limbs that have been active on jaunts, if you’ve got them some abs.

Smile, beam with confidence. Try out some of these stunning items on our showcase to help you turn his head in 60 seconds. Gorgeous looks, that snatch a glimpse and turn it into a gaze.

Head up, shoulders back. A cool “hello, how are you?” open friendly an invitation. Dont have a thirsty look in your eye, the well is not dry.Keep conversation light and relaxed, a little distance between you due to covid rules.

Make sure your scented nice, with some gorgeous parfume to spritz the air, your hair a crown, sassy, stylish, but check out these great looks to inspire and reel him in. Let those killer curves do the trick sis. Wink wink!

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