Springtime Fashionista’s (6 Key skills for effective Social networking during springtime)

‘Be comfortable , Be confident’

Spring is creeping round the corner ladies and gentlemen. With buoyant colours, brilliant golds, reds, greens, yellows,the pallette we love so much.

For those of you who are tired of hiding out or camouflaging in those secretive blacks and dulling greys, boy do we have a collection for you. Whether your preparing to enter the bustle of work, get fit and fab for a sexy weekend, this spring and summer allow yourself to look beyond appetising. If your tired of feeling dumpy, you like that new feeling of Vivacity, freshness, feeling alive as you walk up and down the street, want your partner friend or family member to feel confident, as they manouvre in a world where you dont know who you could meet?

Who you could talk to that could be your next business contact, your next Joint venture partner, or your next keeper for collaboration, here are 6 key rules of engagement for you, and some great additions to help you feel fit comfortable and alive as you navigate.

  1. Tilt your chin up back straight and good posture. A confident stance is an open invitation for networking. Have open body language
  2. Palms outward
  3. Where is the smile?
  4. Direct eye contact, look at your potential smile briefly then look away
  5. Have verbatim ready ( Hello is always a good start, nerves happen dont kick yourself when they do. If they do, go back and try again. )
  6. Dont provide rhetorical answers, be a reciprocal conversationalist, that means there has to be room for a give and flow dialogue. Be interested in your subject, be excited about the prospect of a new exchange and sharing new ideas. ( Purchase our collection of gorgeous new fit and fantastic items to get some practice in with everyday communications, Be comfortable, be confident)




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