Workout Wonderland: Join ‘The Body Spa’ Brand The Otatade Okojie journal, the dream

Hi guys so for many years i have had a challenge with my eating. This stemmed from my own habbits and diet, but also some emotional toxicity of some others i had indulged. Yet this is not a pity party, this is about taking action. So if your like me, maybe you’ve experienced some bullying in the past for being different, had a health condition, i suffer with Epileptic seizures, or simply you just have picked up some bad eating habbits along the way. I completely understand. Life is emotional, and when it hits, it can come at your health and your habbits and routines like a wrecking ball. Maybe your a workaholic and your answer to everything is, ‘ i dont have time’ so you cash out and tuck in to whatever your fingertips can find. Often fast food, unhealthy, poor diet, and now over time there it is. The belly. Smiling back at you in the mirror, the dress that you used to love wearing, the one with the vibrant colours that shows off your shape. Now your scared of being spotted in high streets, shops, and even the local corner store. That weight has aged you, you feel tired and you feel sloppy. When you go to the stores, the dresses you like dont seem to fit you, and the concept of dating seems almost foreign. Enter our new brand The body Spa , and my new fitness journal and regiment.

Thats right people, we are doing a 360 body transformation together. Positive evolution of Mind, body and spirit, and ensuring that not only do we look good but we feel great.

No more walking on tiptoe as the ‘marketing campaigns’ dash around the stores looking amazing in their hot to trot outfits, We are gonna be sirens that sizzle, and for the gentleman, to add a little polish to your peach we are going to our delicious bodies not just desirable for you, but for us. For the men lets bring out the Athlete in you, Below are amazing transformative The Body Spa products. Excellent for diet,health and wellbeing. Please tell all your friends to tune into my 3 month challenge, here i will post my videos, tips, nutrition advice, and share my incredible products. So guys, lets do this, Lets transform, positive Mental attitude, diet , discipline, my plan is to blitz this workout shed these pounds, and in 3 months time you will join me in my big reveal. Bikini Babe glamshot, so ladies and gentleman join me on this journey. #Healthiswealth

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